Rare Earth Advisory


Rare Earth Advisory – 4 fundamental aspects

Consulting – Strategy – Customised assistance – Investment


Tailored consulting assignments

REA advises leaders in the critical materials industry about the development and implementation of their strategy: outlook, organic growth, diversification, M&A, financing structure, researching opportunities, strategic planning, risk management, audits & analyses.


Research reports to support your strategy

REA offers a market research service.

Our methodical and thorough approach is based on proprietary databases and our network. It is an invaluable aid to your business intelligence and decision-making in a rapidly changing industry.



To contend with today’s ecological challenges, we are aware of our vocation to educate and the need to develop a sustainable decarbonated economy.

REA offers a conference service, providing an opportunity to compare views and data during face-to-face discussions with our clients.


Investment strategies

Our in-depth knowledge of the entire value chain enables us to spot changes in current trends and to thereby identify the sectors and players likely to benefit or otherwise suffer from rapid changes in the critical materials industry.

Customised consulting

Working in both English and French, in France and abroad.

“During my career as an analyst researching steel, iron ore, copper, etc., I saw the chronic lack of industrial planning by European authorities for many metallurgical industries. I consequently created REA with the conviction that it can provide invaluable future support through either one-off assignments or annual contracts.” 

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