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Dependence on China for rare earths
won’t change without investment in whole supply chain

Very interesting article highlighting the many challenges/contradictions Western countries politicians need to overcome if they are true about securing/reshoring sourcing of critical materials. These were recently illustrated when US Senators decided to freeze funding support for two well advanced rare earth elements processing projects in the US on the ground that 1/ Chinese investors holds a minority stake in MP Materials (9.9% of capital) and 2/ that Lynas JV is a non-US JV partner… these developments look unnecessary distractions to us.

US/European politicians and OEMs need to take action now. Time is of the essence as supply shortages for a number of critical materials loom by the middle of the decade. Stakeholders need to be ready to take risks/fund upstream projects if they are true about addressing China’ dominance on all materials critical to the EV and the renewable energy supply chain. This dependence will not disappear with a magic wand! Hope is not a strategy.

This all what Rare Earth Advisory stands for. Check our latest article.

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